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Who i am and what i do


Between 2006 and 2011, Moussa Farah studied Theater acting and Dramaturgy at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, video art at the
KHB / Kunsthochschule Berlin - Weißensee, documentary film directing at the MET-Filmschule / Berlin, feature film directing at the FilmArche e.V. / Berlin. He then deepened his skills in film editing at the Editing Academy in Berlin, where he gained experience with a variety of editing software.

At the beginning of 2024, he completed his studies as a media designer for image and sound (IHK)(GPB) in Berlin with IHK qualifications in Production and Post-production.

He currently lives in Berlin and works as a freelancer for directing, screenwriting, editing and Actor's Director. 

Since 2008, he has also realized sixteen of his own films, ranging from short to medium-length and, more recently, long films, in which he was responsible for directing, screenwriting, editing or acting.

Some of his films have won or been nominated at film festivals in Syria and Germany.




The filmmaker is named director, because he understands and loves the seventh art.​
With my Cameras, I professionally shoot films for myself and as a service for others.
In feature films, short films, low budget films, interviews, music videos, documentaries,
Sci-Fi films, or educational videos and also in journalism videos, Biopoliti-cs movements, trade fairs, trainings. I let myself or my great cameras in.


I write scripts and plays for myself and for others.​
Storytelling, scene structure and dramaturgy are my strengths. Movies without stories can come across as just moving pictures. Together, done correctly, they can create something beyond mere images and words.


The editor is the second director.
Rhythm and storytelling are what the editor needs to achieve the best result and you always learn something new.


Acting is my world.
My own experience as an actor, allows me to know exactly, how the actors prepare themselves for their roles Psychologically, mentally and physically.



I offer you the opportunity, my experience as a freelance director,Either to hire me as a director for your project,

furthermore, the help from pre-production to post-production, in casting, SET-Manager and, last but not least, Co-director or assistant director.

I offer you the opportunity, to develop or write down your Scripts/Plays ideas, or even to give my Scripts/Plays to you.

I offer you the opportunity, to professionally editing your Films/Videos on an extensive range of editing programs or hire me as editor assis-tant. I also edit and work on the green screen.

I offer you the opportunity, to either professionally help you on the SET, with the casting or together to prepare the actors professionally for their roles.

Actor's Director




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