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Anker 31

* Trembling of being:

No matter how many dreams we cannot achieve or have, there will always be a way to happiness and success, but we just must never give up, not with our minds or in our hearts, not even when we feel lonely or when we know that someone who loves us is beside us to help us overcome. So never let depression or sadness be the motive of life, but keep looking around and search in the darkness for the light you will find it.

The movie is about a character who is a true artist who has always tried to get out of his world in order to find a job as an art lecturer at a university in Berlin. Hannibal Hadid, 39 years old, has reached a psychological and spiritual level where he can no longer stand all these rejections. Where he can no longer find a job or see a solution for himself and his life. Rejection in itself and being rejected seems to be a normal thing in some way, but it is not, it leaves a strong after-effect on us over time in a cumulative process, especially if you are sensitive to something like that. But Hannibal Hadid has his girlfriend, Laura Müller 36 years old, who works as a film producer, who always tries to motivate him after every rejection and to help him get out of his dark thoughts. Because she believes in him, because she knows exactly how beautiful he is as an artist and as a person, and how funny he can be. Because she knows what beauty lies beneath his depressed demeanor. Because she believes, like everyone in this world, that every person deserves a chance to present themselves in the best light and to develop. Hannibal's dream of becoming an art teacher in Berlin was shattered by the rejections. Hannibal lost his self-confidence, became desperate and insecure and gave up his dream, losing his girlfriend and suddenly everything he had left.

What would it be like if our lives went exactly as we wanted them to? Without conflicts and without life experiences; wouldn't that be boring at some point? We would no longer care or be interested in anything, not even do good for others, just because we wouldn't feel the suffering and think from our own point of view that everyone is doing well, even though we see, hear or experience disasters all over the planet every day. But what would it be like if our lives didn't go the way we wanted them to? Would that then be a kind of trap to doom or the door to being a joyful, strong and vibrant human being? These questions are at the heart of the movie.

Anker 33

* After a dark day:

This film is a film about a woman who feels persecuted and ostracized by her society, so she decides to do something out of the ordinary. Her mother is also to blame, so she wants to get far away from her. In her thoughts she believes that a child will solve her problems. It doesn't matter with whom, where or when.

It's easier to destroy than to rebuild. This is Eva’s motive in ''After a dark day'' She has had enough of her mother, her environment and her fate. It has become easier for her to take her life to another level.

She thinks, she has already lost a lot and now she wants to escape alive from the life with her mother. Far away enough from her village and the dark thoughts. The time has come now to either live or die.

Anker 28

* Waiting for Gouda:

This film is based on Samuel Beckett's play (Waiting for Godot) In this film we meet Godot.

Anker 27
Anker 13

* The Space Souls:

The idea came after I got a telescope, it seems like the space corridor has become my new eye. After a while, I had the desire to discover artificial light under a microscope camera. Because our telescopes are our spiral tunnels into the cosmos. Now here I came closer to the idea, and asked the question: ''How do living beings animate the cosmos?

Should we start to bring and convert the living beings into a flexible, living electric water laser capsule, or a laser beam individually. No matter what, everything that has a soul. You are probably wondering how to convert, what exactly does this flexible living electric water laser beam mean? Flexible means that the cells of the beam should be able to travel faster than light, through planets, meteors, star clouds and many other space bodies, which could swell. This process should allow the cells to separate and enlarge, but it should also make it easier for them to reassemble. The cells should therefore be connected to each other by electricity.

Alive means that there is a life in it. There is no pulse any more, but differently than we understand. There will be more intensity. . How?

From the water nothing loses itself. Since it is in there, it will work. The soul of every living way of life can be kept in the water. It does not matter whether it is humans or animals. In short time everything which has a way of life in itself, then this capsule or the jet will be. At the beginning of the experiment the living ones are let into a template, only if they want it or shortly before the viable object is completely dead, the soul must still be and be held in this life. The template is a transparent electrical pulsating force function, revolves quickly around this living way of separating one's soul from one's body but not killing it but having the soul without the body and keeping it in the water. This Radiant Body will later also be shot around the Earth like a long engine. So that we break away from our limited bodies. Then we send this laser capsule to earth orbit. Over time the earth will have its own new living body and it will become more difficult and larger with its own gravity. But the question is, can we control something like this well? Actually, we have to. Slowly in this way, the earth will be the center of the universe, with a living huge unlimited life, that doesn't need food or water, even air anymore. Probably not everyone accepts such an idea. But only because we and our whole life on earth came from outside, we are still made of stars, like everything in this universe. Should we try it, if we want to live further in this chaotic universe, we should eat planets and we become the biggest galaxy. After a while we will sting through our current universe. Who knows what we will find out? Probably a new space. New worlds! In other words, we bring our life to the intensity of the universe, we enrich it with our life. We drag humanity around us, but in a different form, expand through a new understanding. Other than how we normally understand, invent and build our needs and necessities of life. Our buildings are designed like our own bodies, cars and all small types of technological devices. Space rockets will not carry us far. Unfortunately, we will not travel with an old rocket between the stars. If we don't want humanity to die on earth, we should think differently from now on. Our limitation is far too small on our understanding of what we have put ourselves into. Something keeps us in check, limits us from the new evolution. It's just that we have to understand and treat each other differently, we only have to control the universe wisely all of a sudden. The new beginning is formed into a new form. Only with light energy we travel, with great chances to other, new worlds. At some point we will no longer become the people we are now. We will no longer be recognizable. Voyagers will belong to our old stories. We will become a light that the cosmos eats. This is how we survive. But only if we want to live more and want to know and be much more.


The Space Souls, is a film that creates an imitation of the universe. It makes it a possible place. Everything comes from the earth. We become the big blue dot.

Anker 14

* A place for art:

This film is about art in general and the artists who live in Berlin that are in a good condition, working diligently on their own painting, that I know personally. They have the will to make more paintings and to be innovative.

Anker 15

* Self-portrait:

This is a self-portrait movie, it's about me, I wrote and shot this movie with 5 chapters.

Anker 16

* Surety:

A film about a nightmare in the head of a person who wants to kill himself.

Anker 17

* About sex you can only in English singing:

This script was written directly and inevitably out of an intensive examination of the availability of bananas in the German Democratic Republic, the behaviour of the population towards them and the zeitgeist of the "Zone" in the last two decades before the fall of the Berlin Wall. In addition, the far-reaching consequences for Central European cultural history were traced beyond this period. The banana is thus the underlying essence of the entire subtext and leaves its traces in all the individual images. Both striking depictions of the actual fruit and any compulsive pronunciation of the fruit's name would be filmically degenerative acts - an insult to the cultural history of Central Europe as a whole (at least since modernity) and far too silly anyway.

Screenwriter: Brian Wiese

Anker 18

* Life in a bag:

The purpose of this film was to randomly ask people on the streets, what they like best, what they have in their backpacks.

Anker 19

* You lie:

It's a film about a couple who don’t like each other anymore, they lie to themselves every day, but they don't say a word about it. Both of them know the truth.

Anker 20

* My world:

It's a film about a person who can acclimatize to his environments. Without any music or effects presented.

Anker 21

* Smiler:

It is a film about a man who suffers from autism and tries to shape his body in his own way. He has two friends, yet he is always afraid of the outside world and people.

Anker 22

* Reflections:

It's a film about a person looking for happiness through his facial features.

Anker 23

* Hybrid love:

Julia, Julie and Julian are three sophisticated artist’s humans. They were born in an artificial insemination scientific research program, they live in a fantasy world, they have been created to have in everyday life new feelings, ideas and to discover beyond beliefs and values of life and art, they designed to this purpose. In the fake womb where they grow as a fetus, they were indoctrinated the meanings about art and life in a simple way, with giving them the ability to develop themselves.

In an artificial womb environment, and as a result of a secret research in the artificial intelligence science in Germany, which taught them how to face life through their inner power and through the latent powerful core inside their spirits what ordinary mortals cannot know or have been avoided or been frightened to go through it, so they do for higher levels of understanding.

In the museum visit, we feel with them as humans that they are now feeling as only humans, which have the real lust for life. Then they decide to try the death again, which is the only level as humans they cannot express or have a proof about it in real life till the end. They enjoy the agony of death.

Hybrid Love is a Movie about the value of Love, the value of Loving the life within the utmost faith virtue in life, more about the value of death, about the value of Silence and art. After all, this movie shows us how to get involved in life various circumstances without looking back to the consequences, and to go deeper in what we most likely want from life itself.

This film is an entity of an unlimited world, a core of a world without limit which gives the ability and the courage to enjoy confrontation the life from another perspective.

Julia, Julie and Julian are immortal beings, they do not belong to any time and place, they have no age, they act only through their instincts and the purity of their prolific souls.

Anker 24

* Devastation:

A crime/thriller film about a transgender woman who was born a boy and grew up with an alcohol and heroin addicted mother who works in a butcher shop. When he grew up, he decided to change his gender. Because of this, and in order to be able to do the transformative surgery, he asked his grandma for help. He asked if she could get him a bank loan to open a pizza store. When he got the money, he disappeared and was reported missing. Suffering from huge debts, he left his grandma.
In his school days he had only one girlfriend who always wanted to get closer to him, which was a very difficult task for her, but after several attempts, he slowly accepts her friendship and with time she became his only trusted person. 
She loved him, she told him so, but he could not. 
One day, in a sensitive moment, she wanted to kiss him, which drove him crazy, so he decided to tell her the plain truth. 
The schoolmate is later killed by him to steal her identity.    After several years, he reappeared as a woman. First she visits her grandmother, who of course she could not recognize. Then she goes to visit her mother, after such a long time. The mother had her boyfriend at home that day, this boyfriend she really hated. That evening she killed her mother and her boyfriend. After her deed she goes home, the house she made for herself, in a hidden place next to the water under the ground.

Anker 25

* The swing:

A novel by Al Maghout, a Syrian poet, The Swing is his first and latztes novel, he had it at the time where no freedom, then he had to write with encoded writing. Had it after when he thinks, now I must stop writing and I must hide it somewhere. He had done it because of the fear of the government soldiers. That's why he left his novel in his mother's pillow. and he took care of her.
At that time, he was always persecuted and watched by the government spies. He would have to leave his country and flee to Lebanon. Then he started writing again, not this novel but in the newspapers and published poems books.

Al Maghout wanted to work on this novel years later, but he had almost forgotten the words he had written since then because of the coding language he used. He said. In this novel, we live special moments in the authors private life stories, in very sensitive language, this language he had brought from his poetry world. Between love, fear of memories of prison years, death, and the future.

The "Swing" was an unknown novel that comes closest to personal notes. Because Al-Maghout told the events with him in detail, but in a beautiful imaginative novel-like spirit that one can imagine, in which the writer dropped the events of his life on supposed heroes.

We travel with him from the simplicity of rural life to the freedom of the media and the circumstances of rugged political opinion. From the old times in North Syria, with the narrow social freedoms and the political freedoms.
He criticizes the bad groups and bad politicians that negatively affect culture, education, freedoms, ethics, religion and social conflicts.

This film is based on this novel. This film will also be shot in the past times of the novel.

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